Eastern Lanes Pro Shop


Moon's Pro Shop is located behind lanes 3-4 at the center. Mark Moon is the owner of the pro shop and is very well respected throughout the area. He is assisted by Cody Goodlet . When considering your next ball purchase or if you have other bowling supply needs ... see Mark or Rob at the pro shop. (513-705-6497)

Summer Hours

Monday: 4pm - 7pm
Tuesday: 4pm - 7pm
Wednesday: 4pm - 7pm
Thursday: 4pm - 7pm
Friday: Closed
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Fall/Winter Hours

Monday: 4pm - 7pm
Tuesday: Noon - 6pm
Wednesday: Noon - 7pm
Thursday: Noon - 7pm
Friday: Noon - 7pm
Saturday: 9am - 1pm
Sunday: Closed

*Subject to change with or without notice due to bookings/rentals please call 513-422-6359 for most recent availability.